Friday, March 25, 2011

Five Guys Review

Five Guys has some cred behind it. Obama goes to Five Guys. If it's good enough for the President of the United States, surely it could be good enough for the former student council co-president of Riverview High School.

Located in Deerfoot Meadows, practically next-door to their biggest competiton, Five Guys is the latest in premium burger joints to hit Calgary. By premium burger joints I mean it is very similar to South St. Burger Company, where they charge a premium and tell you that you are getting quality that you don't get at other places (McDonald's, Wendy's, etc...).

The place was packed. Almost lined up out the door. Don't expect to walk in and out of this place in 5 minutes. Obviously they're french fries are hand cut on site because you are greeted by about 40 huge bags of potatoes stacked just insde the front door. While you wait in line, you can help yourself to free peanuts. The place is big and the kitchen is an open concept. Everything happens right in front of your eyes. It looks like you would expect a burger place to look like, but they could definitely improve on the atmosphere. It is loud. There is no music playing, and they girl who calls out the orders, literally shouts at the top of her lungs, which became annoying.

On to the food. I ordered a cheese burger, fries and drink. When I opened it up, I thought they mistakenly gave me a double burger but that is just how they serve it. I ordered it "All the way," which is just a fancy way for saying "the works." The burger was huge, and sloppy. It wouldn't be something you would want to take with you and eat in your car. It was very good - definitely better than your standard fast food burger. I read in other reviews that two people could share one order of fries. They weren't joking. The portion of fries were massive. Impossible (for me) to finish, but they were so good that you would want to try to.

The meal came to just over $13. Almost twice as much as you would spend at your typical fast food place. Was it worth it? Yes. You get a ton of food. I ate lunch at 1:00 pm, and only had a little snack at 7:00 pm that night because I was still full from lunch.

Five Guys is worth checking out. 8/10

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  1. Your review is torture :) we keep trying to go there but it too busy to inflict a toddler upon. One day soon though we will be free to try it hopefully. Love your reviews!!


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