My name is Adam Chiasson. I feel very lucky to have been born and raised on beautiful Cape Breton Island. I am currently living in Calgary, Alberta. Calgary is a beautiful city sitting just outside the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

I am not a chef. I am very far from it. I'm just a guy who loves cooking and learning new techniques and dishes. 

I've owned a hot dog stand, worked at McDonalds, and also worked in a kitchen at a university pub. I love experimenting with different flavours. I rarely make the same dish twice. I generally treat recipes as a guide or a starting point. I've realized that many people look at a recipe and get confused too easily. Cooking shouldn't be complicated. I think that a lot more people could cook more exciting dishes if the only knew how simple it really is. One of my objectives of this site is to try to make the recipes I post very easy to understand, so even a novice in the kitchen can make them. If one person makes one recipe from this blog, it will have all been worth it for me.

I classify music into 2 categories: good and bad. I don't see it as jazz, rock, pop, classical, folk, country, etc... There is great music in every genre, and I appreciate the good stuff. I definitely have a strong passion for celtic music. It is in the blood of most Cape  Bretoners. 

The main instruments that I play are guitar, fiddle and saxophone. I play a variety of others, such as piano, mandolin, banjo, bass, to name a few. I studied jazz saxophone at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

I go to lots of concerts and I am looking forward to posting concert reviews. I often disagree with the reviews that I read. I am very passionate and opinionated about music. There is a reason why I like the music I listen to. Music is universal, but it is extremely subjective. That's what is so great about it.

Grade One
I love to cook, I love to play music. I play (guitar, fiddle, saxophone, piano and a few others). I'm addicted to buying instruments. I play hockey (I've given up on my NHL dreams, but I still keep my skates sharp in case I get the call). 

I recently caught the photography bug and I have really been enjoying it as a hobby. I'm learning more about it every day (still have a lot more to learn) and I'm always up for going shooting with new people. Don't be shocked to see a photography section on this blog at some point.

In my day job, I own a renovation company called AJC Pro Painting. We mainly focus on painting, drywall and ceiling texturing. Call me if you need your house painted! You can visit my website here: http://www.ajcpropainting.com/

Questions? Comments? Just want to say hi?

Email: adam@foodmusiclife.com

Twitter: @adamchiasson

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