Saturday, May 19, 2012

Homemade Tortilla Chips

Who doesn't love chips and salsa? My favourite part of going to an Italian restaurant is when they come to the table with fresh bread and olive oil/balsamic vinegar. My favourite part of a Mexican restaurant is when they start you off with fresh chips and salsa.

Now, you can make the fresh chips at home. I promise  that once you make these, you will never buy a bag of Tostito's again. They are so easy to make and they taste better than any tortilla chip you will buy at a grocery store. The best part? It will only take about 5 minutes of your time to prepare and cook them.

These chips aren't 100 percent homemade. I'm a pretty busy guy and don't have the time to make a corn tortilla from scratch.  All you need to do is buy some corn tortilla's, cut them up into chip size, fry them in some oil, and then toss them with some seasoning salt. 

If you found your way here from Pinterest, thanks for stopping by! Please leave a comment if you tried making these. 

What You'll Need

- Corn Tortillas (***VERY IMPORTANT - you must use CORN tortillas, flour tortillas will not work)
- Canola Oil
- Seasoning Salt (optional)


Take a corn tortilla

Cut it like a pie into chip sizes

Fry the chips, in small batches, in canola oil for about 1-2 minutes. If you have a deep fryer, use it, if not heat about 1 inch of oil in a pot or work.

As soon as the chips appear crisp, take them out of the oil and immediately hit them with the seasoning salt. If you don't have seasoning salt, regular salt will work just fine.

Serve with salsa, sour cream or guacamole.

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