Friday, January 13, 2012

How To Make A Reese's Pieces Blizzard

A wise man once told me, "Every now and again life presents you with opportunities, and you if don't take advantage of them, someone else will."

I seem to get myself into bizarre situations more often than most people. Some of my friends think I should have a reality TV show. I really don't know it happens, but the most random things happen to me on a semi-regular basis that make for great stories. Take this past New Year's Eve...

We were invited to spend New Year's with some friends who live in the mountains. Spending New Year's in the mountains is a cool enough situation in my books, but it gets better. Not only were these guys great hosts who rolled out the red carpet for us, turns out they own a Dairy Queen as well. 

During the conversation over dinner, I complained to them that Dairy Queen used to have Reese's Pieces Blizzards, but for at least 10 years, give or take, you can only get only get Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Blizzards, which just aren't the same. Just like everyone gets the same sub at Subway, everyone has their Blizzard flavour of choice. Growing up, there was a Dairy Queen very close to my house and I had many friends who worked there, who would often hook me up with a free up-size Reese's Pieces Blizzard (shout out to S.M. and C.S., many thanks for the extra calories in high school). 

Anyways, these guys hooked me up BIG TIME. As if staying in their house, playing with their authentic Star Wars light sabers, using their outdoor hot tub, and giving me 2 suits and countless shirts that they don't need anymore wasn't enough, they told me that we could go buy some Reese's Pieces and take it to the Dairy Queen and they would make me a Blizzard. Well, a Happy New Year indeed. It gets even better...

The next day we go to the store and have lunch. Then we go back to make the Blizzard, and they let me do it! Not only did I get to have my favourite all time ice cream treat which you can't get anymore, I got to make it all by myself! BAMMMM!


Add Reese's Pieces to soft serve ice cream.

Become friends with someone who owns a DQ so you can use their Blizzard machine...

... and enjoy

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  1. So jealous it was one of my go to picks too.


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